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"If you are in a relationship, it can always be better. If you are coming out of a relationship, do it with integrity." While my practice and approach is appropriate for general mental health support, I provide specially-designed sessions for individuals and couples seeking healing, emotional support, and skills for managing healthy, life-giving relationships. I fundamentally believe that when our relationships with others are compromised - whether it be with colleagues, friends, family or intimate partners - our outlook, demeanor, and capacity for contentment is also compromised.

Clients who benefit from my approach include individuals who have experienced break-up; couples experiencing a betrayal or mistrust; and partners on the verge of divorce or separation. I introduce tools, activities, and adventures that go beyond the confines of the sessions to promote relationship stability and improvement.

I work from a client's current state and go from there. We look back only to gain perspective and then move forward toward manageable, meaningful goals that are client-centered and life-improving. Otherwise - what's the point? My motto: "Together better or apart with integrity."  ~ Holly

  • Years in Practice: 10 Years

  • School: M.S. in Counseling Psychology Alaska Pacific Univ.

  • Year Graduated: 2004

  • License No. and State: 64722 Texas

  • Certificate: Austin Dispute Resolution Ctr / Mediator

  • Certificate: Houston/Galveston Institute / Parenting Coordinator

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